Project 90 volunteers assess Clubs projects

Nicole enjoying the Cpae Town sights

Nicole enjoying the Cape Town sights

Our new volunteers, Nicole Demmel and Anton Gietl from  Germany,  are busy travelling around South Africa to assess our Project 90 clubs. We asked Nicole to write a little bit about herself and why she got involved in sustainability.

“I grew up in a German city called Magdeburg. When I was 18, I left my home town and went to Berlin to study Geography. After I had finished my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to learn more about the development of countries and about their economical, cultural and social differences. Hence, I studied Geographical Development Science for which I am now holding a Master’s Degree. During my studies, I volunteered both at NGOs and at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to dive deeper into the world of development cooperation. I first worked with an NGO called Weltfriedensdienst e.V. The main purpose was to sensitize students on Africa related topics so that they get a better understanding of the African continent by eliminating prejudices. After that, I started to work as a Campaigner at Oxfam Germany. In 2013, within the Grow Campaign, the NGO focused on making the government regulate speculation with food. In addition to that, we talked to people about that problem and offered them opportunities to interfere and to put pressure on companies that are gambling with food at the stock exchange.

After having the experience of working in a German framework of development cooperation I felt the need to change perspective. Therefore, I applied for an internship with ASA, a programme for global learning and international experiences. That is why I am now in the pleasure of being in beautiful Cape Town working with Project 90.

So what is my assignment? Together with my project partner Anton Gietl, I am working on the assessment of the Project 90 clubs which is due at the end of each school year. For this purpose, we will travel to KZN and Gauteng and of course assess the clubs in Western Cape.

I see a big necessity to inform and sensitize people, especially youngsters, about how their actions (economical, ecological etc.) can affect people’s lives in a bad but indeed also in a good way. We can give them food for thought so that eventually they can emerge to multipliers. Project 90 represents this idea which is why I am keen on working with the clubs.

Once we have come back from our trip I will write a new blog entry referring to the experiences I have made and I am sure there will be lots of it!”

Nicole Demmel – September 2013


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