P90 club earns second eco-flag

Somerset College recently earned their second eco flag as part of the Eco-School network. Their Club project was assessed as part of the school’s green-flag submission. A ceremony was held during break time which was attended by the whole school. As part of the ceremony, girls from the Project 90 Club gave their rendition of Jack Johnson’s ‘3 Rs’.

In order to receive a second green flag the school is expected to maintain the progress they have already made on making their school sustainable, carrying out any recommendations from their previous assessment and extending their environmental program at the school. Congratulations Somerset College, fly your green flags with pride!

Eco-Schools  provide ‘a valuable curriculum framework for schools to work toward sustainable development goals…they commit to improving environmental learning and action through the curriculum. Relevant themes are chosen by the learners and teachers, lesson plans are developed and school improvement plans and records of their progress are collected in a portfolio.’ – Eco Schools website 

If you’d like to find out more about eco-schools and how they work in South Africa, visit http://www.wessa.org.za/index.php/Programs/Eco-Schools.html


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