We welcome three new volunteers


Olivia Kurtz

Olivia grew up in Frankfurt and has always been interested in living a sustainable life. She enrolled in a teachers training course in 2012 with the goal of becoming a high school biology teacher. She believes that education is key in the process of passing on what is important to the health of our society and our planet, and this is what she has chosen to dedicate her life to.

“By assessing and experiencing how Project 90’s Leadership Clubs work, I hope for mutual inspiration in terms of how we can face the challenge of raising environmental awareness within the school environment. I hope to encourage the learners to be more daring and visionary, to enable them to meet the very task they are exposed to every day: shaping future generations. Staged in a country where nature is so much more prominent than where I come from and intertwined with cultural exchange, my internship at Project 90 by 2030 is a unique opportunity for me, which I am more than grateful for.”


Eva Neitzel

Eva is a member of the German ASA-program which provides opportunities for people in broadening their horizons and gaining intercultural experiences. Back home in Germany she is studying towards a Masters Degree in Environmental and Educational Psychology. Eva joined Project 90 as a volunteer in September, and will be with Project 90 until December.

‘To me, volunteering for Project 90 means learning a lot! I am looking forward to experiencing a new country, and to getting a closer look at how the organisation works. Environmental topics have always been a passion for me, along with working with children. My work with Project 90 is a great opportunity to combine both of my interests. As part of my university studies I have carried out some assessments; the assessments of Project 90’s Leadership Clubs will be a good opportunity to put what I have learnt into practice, on a topic that is really important to me!’



Olwethu Mbuthuma

Growing up on the Wild Coast, Olwethu fell in love with the natural environment but never imagined she would have a career in what she loves. Whilst attending primary school, Olwethu was introduced to the idea of preserving the environment and since then, she has never looked back. At high school, given her passion for the environment, her choice of subjects included Geography and Life Sciences. In 2011, she joined the Project 90 by 2030 youth forum, which provided a great learning opportunity for her. She attends the National Science week annually, where she communicates about climate change and ways to educate communities. In March 2014, she attended the Climate Reality Project (CRP) in Johannesburg where she learned a great deal about being a climate leader. Olwethu is currently studying environmental management and works as a volunteer for Project 90 by 2030.



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